How to Rethink your Business Model Like a Pro

No lesson or book has ever taught us how to survive a pandemic crisis. The COVID-19 global infection forced us to change everything as we knew it, and suddenly we had to let go of old patterns and working processes. That’s why WeDevelop has united the voices of professionals like Ada Ryland, Maria Muskus, and Dean McBeth to get a deeper understanding of the first steps to get back on track. 

Rise to the Challenge

During the pandemic, the impact on the economy forced thousands of businesses to remake their business models from scratch. Several companies had to build a new identity that could be profitable again, with the challenge of finding new communication channels, achieve remote work proficiency, and survive digital transformation. All of them, at the same time. So where to start from?

Ada Ryland, Early-stage Startup Strategist, coach and founder of Ada Ryland Consulting, was able to experience with her own business how companies made the transition to digital channels after a lifetime of working in a face to face world. Ada Ryland works along start-up founders to analyze their launching viability and help them find investors opportunities.

“It’s about creativity. There is always more than one way to do thingsStay resilient and find another way to do stuff: a way to do business.”

Ada Ryland

In every simple situation, there are always multiple forms to achieve the same goal. Our job as professionals is to think outside the box and test every solution available.

Get the Ball Rolling: Build a Network

Networking is a resource promoted by professionals and entrepreneurs to expand their circles and detect business opportunities. One of the biggest advantages is the consequence of staying involved in the latest trends.

Today, networking became the opportunity to be seen and be heard. Maria Muskus, Business Developer Manager at Muskus Ingenieros SAS, claims that during the pandemic crisis, networking was the best tool to grow her business. Maria works with entrepreneurs to launch their brands in the US, and according to her professional insight you must build the following path to succeed with networking:

  • Recognize your offer of value 
  • Define what your niche of opportunity is
  • Find the network to connect

Market investments change continuously. Professions are reinventing themselves. After truly realizing where you are today, you can improve your tools, transform them into assets, and start going where you want to be tomorrow.

Build Stronger Bridges: Empower your Relationship with Clients

Communication was another essential process that businesses had to rethink from scratch. Companies confronted the challenge of connecting customer’s behavior and interests with the current market demands. But how can you get closer to them?

Understanding what your customer is going through in the new pandemic scenario became one of the most important tasks when taking care of your business. As the sense of community gained more strength in society, new strategies were developed to get closer to audiences and work along on their behavior. 

“The customer you have is the most important new business.”

Dean McBeth

Dean McBeth, an award-winning strategist and co-founder of Shepherd, a US Insights Company, shared the lessons he learned about the relationship with his clients. Taking care of your brand community helps you keep your project afloat. Here are some of the key points he proposed:

  • Have agile partners
  • Never take your clients for granted
  • Collaborate with them and remain on their sight

Everyday, businesses keep trying new solutions to make industries thrive again and our mission as professionals is to help you keep track of them. What strategies helped you to rethink your business model? Which was your biggest challenge throughout the pandemic?

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