How to Build an Empire with Remote Work

Since the COVID-19-driven pandemic began, many companies have been forced to start working completely remotely. Although there were many prejudices about how employees would fulfill their tasks, as time passed all benefits began to surface. In this way new work methodologies began, expanding teams remotely according to the time needs of each project. Some of these are outsourcing strategies that help you hire teams globally and manage them directly. Companies will have the opportunity to find technology specialists and choose the candidates that fit their requirements to expand their team when needed, no matter where they are. With digital transformation processes, new technologies helped this transition success. Why incorporate remote work in your company?  Is outsourcing the future?

3 Reasons Why Remote Is The Best Option For Your Company 

Cracking Flexibility 

If you are looking for professional growth that does not have barriers or conditions, remote work is for you. The idea of waking up anywhere in the world and living your life in the way that best suits your personal goals is becoming more and more real for all professionals. Although at first remote work took off en masse as a result of the pandemic, today companies found that the objectives of the work were successfully met, and it’s becoming more difficult to project a future with work in a physical office. Even onboarding processes are job interviews are being done remotely. If you take your tasks seriously, you are truly able to take your work wherever you want or need.

Michael Majeski, Senior Consultant at EPMA and Project Manager, had been working remotely since before the pandemic and explains the importance of maintaining a neat and constant presence in the virtual world. Wherever he goes, he carries a kit with a speaker and a camera to make sure people see him at all times. Working from anywhere, today becomes a skill that everyone has to worry about implementing and that is necessary for the productive development of tasks.

Since his company is remote, everything they do is through software. With cloud processes, you can have access to your network credentials from anywhere. Even though not everyone is equally comfortable in the virtual world, at the same time it is essential to be firm in the context of new technologies. 

“There is more flexibility when you need to work from home and take care of

things, but of course that comes with building a relationship of trust with your

company” Michael Majeski.

With all the consequences that the pandemic brought, remote work also provides the opportunity to be present in multiple places without neglecting the fulfillment of tasks “There is more flexibility when you need to work from home and take care of things, but of course that comes with building a relationship of trust with your company and they know what you are doing, how you are contributing. You need to make sure you have everything you need”. Michael Majeski.

Prime Engagement

The way of evaluating work is constantly changing. Today, the focus of attention is on achieving objectives and successfully solving projects. Beyond profit margins and more efficient and higher quality work, remote work also became an attraction when looking for job opportunities.

Without wasting time, companies began offering this more flexible, goal-oriented modality within the benefits package. Along with the medical care, an interesting remuneration or paid vacation days is added the possibility of working remotely. In this way, employee engagement is empowered to retain the opportunity, and at the same time, it is something that will make employers interested in talent retention.

Brandie Patterson, Senior Vice President at Global Software Applications, shared some basic items that they take into account when hiring staff. With multiple requests from companies to provide technology that integrates, different projects are being proposed so they go through the main objectives and timeline along with the potential clients, in order to make sure they have the proper staff on hand. Interest, skill sets, where they see themselves are the main factors that Brandie sees from candidates today: do they want to pursue a career at the company?

“It’s our job to show them what it means to be part of this

organization.” Brandie Patterson

Brandie’s company still has some staff working remotely that gave them the opportunity to provide some internships for those who are in the development field to get more professional experience, and also the possibility for the company to be able to handle more projects at the same time. As new challenges continue to be integrated into companies, the commitment of employees and teams ensures that the company’s effort conveys the true values of its identity.

Win-Win Cost Savings

Practicality above all. Thanks to remote work there are many costs that are beginning to be minimized. To begin with, you no longer need to offer a physical point. Only with that aspect, desk materials, wifi, electricity among many others are saved. Thanks to outsourcing projects and remote work, companies reduce costs related to hiring and payroll services. It allows to minimize the paperwork with HR and allows the subcontractor to focus more on the main project for which the company needs the services.

But saving does not only affect the employer, it also implies a benefit for the employee. Getting stuck in traffic, being pushed on the subway, or having to run a taxi is a thing of the past. Thanks to remote work, the worker can do without spending on means of transport and also gain mental health. In addition, all parallel expenses are reduced, as something as simple as food. How many times have we not had time to cook our food in advance and we end up spending triple the original value to buy our lunch in places near the office.

Saving resources is a benefit for all parties to any employment agreement. As long as all the contracting terms are clear and agreed from the beginning, all the consequent energy will be 100% focused on completing the projects successfully. Isn’t it the best thing that can happen to any company?

Will Remote Work Rule the World?

While remote working is becoming more and more common, it is true that there are still some second thoughts about this style of work. To begin with, some companies might think that communication can be an issue, or that remote workers don’t actually work. As time passes, evidence shows that the jobs are truly done, no matter where the person is located.

Today, working remotely means a cultural change in the minds of all workers. It no longer simply means offering a service, but the opportunity to have a different lifestyle that you would never have imagined with faster and better results. The remote work community offers the chance to expand your network, work from wherever you want, and find your own creativity and productivity tools. All you need is a computer, Wi-Fi, and a commitment to respond professionally to your tasks.

How do you feel about remote work? What do you think about its productivity?

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